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Anyone Can Make an Organizer..... Simp-List Software Data Bases are easy-to-use, yet so comprehensive you won't outgrow it.  Features such as the "Value List" and “Siri”will help you make data entry a breeze. The database gives you the power to organize, share and gain value from your information. Just enter your information and then produce instantly a wide variety of searches. Have you ever felt frustrated looking or keeping track of information? Do you remember saying to yourself "I know it's here somewhere!"? Would you like to rid yourself of information clutter and be able to locate that information in just a few seconds? If the answer is yes, then Simp-List Software invites you to try one of our Data Base Programs and see if it will help organize your life and control some of that clutter. With our solutions it is both easy and fun to get your collections and / or contacts organized. Our programs are quickly installed and so easy to use that you are up and running within minutes. Our programs can be transferred between your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. For more information on how to transfer the program between the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, read “Transferring Files”.
Coming Soon! All new programs and some old specifically for the ipad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
Note: FileMaker GO program is required to run iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch programs and can be downloaded (free) directly to your device from the Apple App Store.